Le Blanc Spa Resorts (Jul 11, 2019) - We’ve all been there – after months of planning and thousands of dollars spent, your attendees arrive at the hotel to never be seen again until it’s time to go back to the airport. Maybe they got lost walking towards your conference room, or maybe it was something a bit more deliberate like drinks by the pool. So, what is an event planner to do in order to keep your participants engaged and focused? Read on to find out how the venue you select can make a world of difference.

Since we are talking about VIP meetings, the first thing to consider should be a no-brainer: Luxury. We’re not just talking about premium liquor and a concierge.

Search for a hotel that will exude luxury from the moment you drive up and talk to the first employee you meet

Sure, a building can be luxurious. However, service is the real luxury your attendees will remember.

Another less-obvious thing to consider when selecting a venue for luxury meetings is the kind of guests that will frequent the property during your event. Is your selected venue a family-friendly hotel with a kids pool and club? If so, then you should expect a lot of kids running around the property, which may distract your attendees and/or cause noise pollution in your meeting rooms. So, remember to keep this in mind as well.


When selecting a venue, always think about what sort of environment your selected venue or hotel will provide for your attendees, making sure it’s in line with the theme and message of your event. This is true for all meetings and events, but it’s crucial when accommodating VIPs.


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