interna Know the right size meeting space for your next event.

Know the right size meeting space for your next event.

Moon Palace Cancún - One of the first things to consider when planning your next event is the correct space size you will require. However, this depends on more than just the number of people attending your next meeting.

Did you know the shape and size of the room is just as important as choosing the right setup style?

For example, if your room is over 10ft in height and you’re planning on having a speaker in front of more than 30 people, you’ll definitely need to include a stage riser in your space calculation. This could mean up to 8x8 ft depending on the size of the stage. This includes the stage projector as well as the backing. 

The setup style is the next thing to keep in mind when choosing a room.

Theatre Seating (Most spacious setup) - This is setup is perfect for large conferences. It allows for the most attendees per square foot. Spacing between the chairs and rows can be increased or decreased depending on the number of participants and available space. 

Classroom Seating (Second most spacious setup) - Perfect for work sessions. Combines the flexibility of theatre seating with the functionality of banquet seating. This is because it includes a table for each row of chairs, which means your attendees can work, have coffee, or a light snack without leaving the meeting room.

Banquet Rounds (Second least spacious setup) - Works great in large meeting spaces and allows for meal options as well as guaranteeing a comfortable work area for all participants. Take into consideration that each table must be set up at half capacity due to your participants needing to face the stage.

U-Shape (Least spacious setup) - Three tables forming a large “U” with attendees facing the stage. This encourages interaction between all the attendees and the speaker. This is best for your smaller meetings considering it takes up the most square feet per attendee.

TIP: Bigger isn’t always the better way to go as it can cause some attendees to become easily distracted and/or lose interest in why they’re there, so choose wisely and strategically.

Remember, you must plan to include free space for food and/or coffee stations, as it can be added to your room setup if you wish.

As you can see, there are many factors and considerations to keep in mind when choosing a space for your meetings. Contact a Palace Resorts MICE Sales Representative today so they can help you select the right size for your next event.



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