We Take Corporate Social Responsability Seriously


At Palace Resorts, we know how lucky we are to live and work in paradise. This is our home, and we place utmost importance on preserving its awesome beauty and supporting the local community. As part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives, we are committed to proactive environmental action and ask our guests to join us in our efforts.

Here are a few highlights of our environmental efforts:

  • Creating the Moon Palace Private Reservation, a 314-acre biological corridor comprised of mangrove forests and lowland jungles that function as filters and water reservoirs and provide sanctuary and habitat for numerous wildlife species (awarded certification by the National Commission for Natural Protected Areas)
  • Reusing organic waste to make vermicompost and reducing tons of waste that would be sent to landfills
  • Reducing our footprint through efficient water usage, energy savings and sewage recycling
  • Propagating native plants in our nursery garden to use in reforestation projects
  • Collecting garbage that washes ashore on the beach
  • Spearheading a wildlife monitoring program, which helps protect a variety of fauna, including seven endangered species
  • Protecting sea turtle nests to ensure optimum conditions for the release of baby turtles

Palace also makes it a top priority to purchase local goods whenever possible and to generate employment in our communities. In addition, we provide every employee with two delicious meals during their shift; a win-win scenario that allows us to minimize food waste and create a caring, hospitable work environment.